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Understanding SEO According to Experts

Understanding SEO According to Experts

Understanding SEO according to experts (Search Engine Optimization) is an optimization process carried out aimed at increasing the power of blogs on search engine pages.

As written on the Wikipedia page, SEO is a series of processes carried out systematically by utilizing the mechanism of action of a search engine's algorithm that aims to increase the volume of blogs.

Understanding SEO According to Experts

The goal is very clear, by implementing SEO techniques, the blog will be on the first page and first order. Then most likely your blog will be visited by many visitors/readers.

One thing you need to know is that everyone has their own views if asked to interpret the definition of SEO, but the goal is still one, increasing the power of blogs on SERP.

What about the views of experts and masters of International SEO related to this definition of SEO? I quote it from the Shoemoney blog written by Jeremy Schoemaker, this is the understanding of SEO according to international SEO experts and experts.

Understanding SEO According to Experts

1. Danny Sullivan

Understanding SEO according to Danny Sullivan is someone who understands how people search for information and ensure that they or their clients are sufficiently visible in the free search area provided.

2. Neil Patel

Understanding SEO according to Neil Patel is an art to understand search engines (search engines) and use that knowledge to make a site/website has a higher ranking on search engines.

3. Dax Herrera

Google's mission is to organize all information from around the world and make it easy to access and useful.

While the mission of SEO is organizing information from clients to make it accessible to robots and make money.

4. Rand Fishkin

Understanding SEO according to Rand Fishkin is a combination of techniques, tactics, and strategies that include but are not limited by optimization of information, such as:

  • Ease of use (friendly).
  • Focus on content (articles).
  • Audience targeting, site development, and design
  • Research on keywords (keyword), link building.
  • and all kinds of online and offline elements that support the goal of receiving more traffic from search engines.

5. QuadsZilla (SEO Black Hat world activist)

Understanding QuadsZilla adherents to Web Spam SEO is when someone tries to commit fraud and take shortcuts so that their site will appear higher in search results (according to ranking) than they deserve.


From the explanation of the five people, of course the opinions and explanations given are different. In fact, in my opinion as the owner of this blog too, able and able to explain what the definition of SEO. Even you.

Explanations expressed may vary, but the purpose is still one, in order to succeed on the first page of the search engine SERP.

According to Matt Cutts, Head of Webmaster of Google Spam, that the understanding of SEO adopted by Quadszilla is wrong and prefers the understanding of SEO according to Google, namely in an official document that has been published by Google, "Google, Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide", its contents as following:

SEO is often about making a few modifications to parts of your website. When we look individually these changes may seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, SEO will have a real impact on the user experience or site and boost your site's performance on organic search (Started Guide Pdf).

Source: Jeremy Schoemaker (aka Shoemoney) Interview

Hopefully this SEO understanding article according to experts is useful for those of you who are looking for references or just want to find out.

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